What is Coderons Reputation? How does it work?

The Coderons Reputation system is a unique feature that helps to identify members for the valuable knowledge they bring to the community. It identifies members based on a Q & A performance.

How does Coderons calculate Q&A performance?

At Coderons, you have upvote and downvote buttons for each question and answer. When someone upvotes your question/answer, it denotes that he likes the question/answer. This will increase your reputation score. 

Likewise, if someone downvotes your question/answer, it means he does not like your question/answer. This will decrease your reputation score. If a user accepts the answer you have written, it was cause your reputation score to increase. Thus, you obtain a reputation score based on your Question and Answer activity.

The Coderons team takes 100 levels to calculate the Q&A performance of the user. To complete each level you need to complete different scores. As the score in your level increases, your progress bar keeps moving. By hovering over the progress bar, you come to know how many scores are left to complete the level.

In the coming days, Coderons is planning to offer its users paid features for free based on the reputation score.

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