What is Coderons Posting and how does it work?

It is a feature that gives developers and technology people a chance to write articles and share their knowledge with the world.You do not have to be a professional writer, but just someone who has a tech story or some specific knowledge to contribute to the developer’s community. 

Moreover, by sharing your knowledge, you are driving the world towards progress.

This is how Coderons posting works:

1. The first step to do is to write a catchy title for your article.
2. Next, you can write tags related to the articles you are writing, Tags on your posts help people to easily locate what they are seeking.
3. With Coderons Powerful Editor, you can write your articles in an eye-catching and engaging way.
4. To create multiple posts on the same topic, you can use the option Add New Series on the right side under the editor.

5. Use the Preview option to read the entire article before it is published to ensure it is error-free and high-quality.

6. If you are satisfied with your article’s quality, click the Publish button on the left side. If not happy with the content, click on Save Draft and edit it again.

7. To see the Save Draft button, click the up arrow on the Publish buttons’ right side. Then click on Save

8. As soon as you publish an article, an email notification will appear for those who follow the tags used in your post, your followers, and those in your connections, and also will display it in their feed.

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