What Is Coderons Connecting? How does it work?

< 1 min read

Coderons introduced this new feature to resolve the problems faced by developers due to communication gaps between them.

Now, through Coderons connecting, you can connect with developers like you around the world.

To connect with developers like you, please follow these steps:

  • First, you just need to click on the Discover button to see the people related to your stack and technology.
  • To get connections related to a tag and skill, click on the Discover button.
  • Then, when you press on the People tab, you will see a search bar. 
  • To get connections related to the tag, write the tag name and add (#) before it. For example, #javascript, #python or those related to your skill.
  • Search by skill name to get connections related to it. For example, html, java, etc.