What is the Discover page?

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First login to Coderons. Then, To enter the Discover Page click on the third button on the home page’s top right side.

Discover presents you with two options, People and Tags

People – These are the users with whom you have not yet been connected. You can connect with them after viewing their names, skills, interests, and other details.

You have to option to Connect and Follow these people.

Next, Using the filter ‘People’, you can search for people you want. For example, if you type Elon Musk in the search bar, you can view all users named Elon Musk.

In this way, you can use these filters to search for new connections or specific people.

Tags – These are the tags you might already be following or may follow.

When you click on the filter Tags, you can view four options, Hot, Top, New, and My Tags.

By clicking on Hot, you can view the hot tags. You can view the top tags by clicking Top. Then by clicking on New, you can view the newly added tags. My Tags are the tags you have been following till now.