How do I follow people on Coderons?

You can easily connect with like-minded developers using the Discover feature in Coderons. Here is the method to follow:

  1. First, click on the Discover button on the Home Page. You will now be taken to the Discover Page.
  2. You can now see two tabs on the page, ‘People’ and Tags’.
  3. You can see the users who you can follow and who you are already following if you are not a new member.
  4. You can follow any user simply by clicking on the ‘Follow’ tab.

You can use another method to follow a specific person. Type out the person’s name in the search bar. Then, click on ‘Follow’ to be a follower.

If you have just signed up, you will be taken to the Home screen, where on the right side, you will see ‘Build your Connections’. There you can see a list of members suggested by the platform. You can pick a user from the list to follow matching your interests.

If you are already following a tag, Coderons will display a list called Suggested ‘People’ on the Home screen’s right side. From the suggestions, you can select the users to follow.

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