What Is Coderons Questions & Answers? How does it work?

1 min read

It is an amazing feature in Coderons that lets developers and tech people ask or answer any question related to coding, bugs, software, technology, and more. This feature is very handy for users who would like to solve other developers’ problems and doubts.

It is a nice way to help people who are part of the developers’ community by answering their questions. Also, you can clear your doubts by asking queries that other developers will answer for you. Sharing also helps in updating your knowledge, which is another great benefit.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Firstly, you need to write the title of the question, which should be clear and brief.
  2. Next, write tags related to the question you are about to write. With tags, other users can easily answer your questions. So, add a relevant tag to reach the right people.
  3. Improve your question’s clarity with the editor. You can add anything that would help, such as images, code, and so on.
  4. Check your question before you publish it. Publish it only after verifying that it is correct.
  5. As soon as you publish your article, an email notification will be sent to – those who follow the tag used in your question, your followers, and your connections. It will also appear in their feed. This allows any person interested in answering the question to know about it.
  6. Each question and answer has an upvote and downvote button in Coderons. A person who likes your question/answer will upvote it and this will increase your reputation score. Similarly, a person who dislikes your question/answer can downvote it, and this will cause a decrease in your reputation score. You will get a reputation score based on the Question and Answers activity.