How to search on Coderons and What can I find using the Search Bar?

The Search Bar appears at the top left-hand side of the web page. The bar lets you search for any content you want easily. 

It works in this way:

For example, if you type the tag name ‘Java’ in the search bar, you can see all the users, tags, posts, series, questions, and answers related to the tag

  • When you click on the Users button on the drop-down menu, you can also see all the users who have used the tag Java.
  • Now, when you click on Tags’ you can see all the tags like Java, Javascript, etc.
  • You can filter out all the posts related to Java by clicking on ‘Posts’ in the menu.
  • By clicking on Questions, you can view every question related to Java that has been posted to date.
  • Similarly, to view all answers related to Java, click on Answers. You can now see all answers related to the tag Java, or all answers that contain the word Java.

In the top right-hand corner, you can see the options relevant and latest. When you click on Latest, you can see all the latest items that have been posted for any topic.

For example, if you click on Latest and then on Questions, you can view all questions that have been posted recently on any topic.

Similarly, if you click Latest, and then on Answers, you get to view every latest answer that has been posted till now.

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