How do I create a Post/Article?

< 1 min read

Creating a post or article is simple and involves these steps:
1. First, log in to your Coderons account.
2. Then, click on the Blue Plus (+) button.

3. Now, select Add Post.

4. You can then see the editor.

5. You can add a cover photo to your Post/Article if you want. Just click the Add Post Cover option.
6. Now, enter the title of your Post/Article in the Title Field.
7. You can select a couple of tags in the Tags section by typing in the text area.
8. You can now begin writing your Post/Article.
9. If you plan to create a post under Series, add your Series Name also.
10. Now, publish your Post/Article.
11. To save your post as a draft, click on the Publish menu to see the Save Draft button.