What features can I avail at Coderons?

At Coderons, we have added many amazing features, which are easy to use and help developers like you get the most out of the platform.

Let us look at these popular features now:

1. Posts/Articles:

After you write your article, we display it on the feed of the one who follows tags related to your Post/Article, your connections, and followers. Learn More

2. Questions & Answers:

Ask or answer any question related to your favourite tech topics like coding, software, bugs, and so on. Get answers to your queries and solve any problems you have. Or, you can provide an answer to other developers’ queries or solve their issues. Learn More

3. Stay Updated with the Developers’ World

It is quite simple to do this. Just follow a tag of your choice. Questions and posts connected to that tag will appear on your feed.

4. Connect and Follow:

To get posts/articles and questions of like-minded developers on your feed, you just have to Connect/Follow them. Learn More

5. Message Like-minded Developers Directly

Use the messaging feature to communicate with connected people to clear your queries, resolve problems, and remain in touch with the latest happenings in the developers’ world. Learn More

6. Share Posts and Questions on social media

You can share your favourite post or any interesting article on social networking sites.

7. ‘Like’ or comment to Keep the Discussion Going

Show your appreciation with a ‘Like’ for any posts/articles that you follow. You can comment to share your feelings about the post or share it on social media.

8. Vote Most Useful Questions and Answers

If you like any specific question or answer on your feed, you have the option to upvote it.

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