What is the Analytics feature in Coderons?

1 min read

The analytics feature is very unique and provides a number of benefits to Coderons users. Through analytics, you can monitor your likes, views, comments. It will also help you assess the performance of your posts, series, questions, and answers over a period of time.

You can view analytics related to your:

Posts: It helps you know the number of views, unique views, and likes you got for your articles. You can also view the comments others made about your posts. ‘Status’ lets you know whether the moderators of the Coderons team have approved your article. If it shows ‘Good’ in green, then the post is original and aligns with the guidelines laid down by the Coderons team. The ‘Status’ displays red colour If any post is plagiarized or violates the site’s code of conduct.

Series: Here you can monitor the views, unique views, comments, and likes for your series. The number of views you see will be the total of views for all the posts you have written in a series.

Questions: It enables you to know the total questions you asked, the upvotes and downvotes received, and the bookmarks made.

Answers: It shows how many answers you have given, upvotes and downvotes you got, and how many of your answers have been accepted.