What conditions are to be met for me to earn the reward?

These are the conditions to be met to earn the reward:

  1. Whenever a friend or someone to whom you have referred Coderons registers, you will receive a credit in your earnings that can be withdrawn via Paypal.
  2. If you refer a friend to Coderons and if that friend registers, you will receive a $10 commission. Also, the friend who registers will get $10, plus another $5 for signing up.
  3. Coderons does not allow you to make bulk referrals to strangers that qualify as spam. We follow a no-tolerance spam policy strictly. In the event of any bulk distribution, we will terminate your participation in the program.
  4. We forbid you to transmit any file that may contain viruses, trojan horses, or other such contaminating/destructive features.
  5. Coderons does not permit you to stalk or harass any individual.
  6. In case you are using an email to forward a personal link to Coderons, such email must be in an appropriate manner that is customary when communicating with family members, friends, or colleagues.

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